Halton & Nikki

We’re lovers to the core, explorers at heart, and dreamers ready for the next adventure.

What can we say? We have been together since 2012 and continue to run through this journey of life everyday side-by-side. Marriage is our absolute favorite thing ever. The fact that we get to spend everyday together, doing the things we love, is literally the best thing ever. Our little family grew in December 2016 when our sweet little guy Hudson entered this world so you may see an appearance of him every now and then if you follow us on social media. We are pretty obsessed with him. We are adventure lovers, nerdy board game enthusiasts, and always looking forward to what is next.

It's not just a job for us to capture the most special moments of a person's life, it is our passion. When a man drops to one knee, or a father kisses his daughter before he walks her down the aisle, or when a new life is brought into this world and lets out their first cry, these are the moments we live for. We don't take for granted that we get to be a part of a person's most intimate, special moments. Our joy comes when in years to come, and you look back on your photos, that you are instantly taken back to that very moment as you are reminded of every sweet detail.

A little more about us as individuals:


Nikki: Being a wife and being a mom are my two favorite things! My rambunctious little boy keeps me going every minute of every day, but I wouldn't trade the time we have together for anything. My amazingly sweet husband has been sweeping me off my feet since day one and I couldn't ask for more. I am a Jesus loving, Texas girl at heart and Mexican food is my thing. I could have it every. single. day. I like my coffee sweet like candy (sorry black coffee drinkers!) and I always have to eat something salty after having something sweet.  The wind makes me angry, and I prefer summer over winter. I don't take this life for granted and I am thankful everyday for this life I live.


Halton: Singer, songwriter, guitar player, creative. I've been creating ever since I can remember. Whether it was writing songs, learning a new instrument, or drawing, I love to create. I am a die hard Superman fan and have been since I was a little kid. Don't get me into a debate about Batman vs. Superman, because Superman will always win. I love to get out and explore new places. My wife has gotten me into trying all sorts of new types of food, and I love every adventure we go on together! When we got married, she brought me in to this business adventure and I have loved getting to work side-by-side with her. Every day is a gift, and we live each day with that mindset.


Our Hudson Ellis