DFW Photo Locations

Arbor hills park- Plano

This gorgeous park is full of so many unique spots. Whether you are looking for open fields, lots of trees, or trails, this location has it all.

White Rock lake- dallas

This location is perfect for those looking for that dreamy sunset overlooking the lake. From gorgeous views of the water on a dock, to open fields right behind it, you can’t go wrong here.

Erwin Park- Mckinney

This little park is tucked away in Mckinney, not to be seen by many. It includes open fields, trees, and even a small pond.

mckinney square- mckinney

Love this location for those looking for more of a city type spot without all of the hustle and bustle. There are so many unique shops and streets, to give your photos a little something different. There are also a few yards and green areas to still give you that small park look.

texas woman’s universtiy campus- denton

This campus is full of beautiful architecture, the most magnificent trees, open fields, ponds, and unique building to give you a huge variety in your photos.

stone creek park- flower mound

We love this park for many reasons! The stunning creek bed, is absolutely amazing and so perfect for families, couples, and seniors. Just beyond the creek is open fields and in the Spring time you will find the most beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees full of blooms.

addison circle- addison

Addison Circle gives you the best of the both worlds if you are looking for city scape, but still want the trees and parks look.

lakeside park- dallas

This park is stunning and full of so many flowers and blooms in the Spring. During Summer everything stays green and as it starts to change to Fall, you se the most beautiful colors. Quaint trails and sidewalks are surrounded by nature everywhere and there is even a small area overlooking a pond.